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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sounds Familiar: "Barbie Doll"

I don't actually think this was recorded anywhere previously, except private filk recordings 'n' stuff. But I wanted to write a song for the Republican's presumptive Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin... and I realized I already had.

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Barbie Doll
Words: © 1991 by Tom Smith
Music: "Georgy Girl" by Jim Dale and Tom Springfield
Barbie © Mattel. Used without permission.

Released under a Creative Commons Noncommercial ShareAlike License

Hey there, Barbie Doll,
Running down the street, you cannot do,
There's a square hole in your shoe
To match the one in your foot --
A peg-leg.

Hey there, Barbie Doll,
Bulging plastic breasts and vacant eyes,
Tiny waist and thunder-thighs
Designed to spread very wide.

You're always ready, though you've got no erogenous zone,
And all your skin is just the one tone --
And no body hair.

Hey there, Barbie Doll,
Hoping someday Ken will flex a limb,
No use waiting 'round for him,
Look to Nineteen-Sixty-Three,
And you will see --
An old G. I. Joe.

Hey there, Barbie Doll,
Living in a dream house Heaven sent,
How can you afford your rent?
You've only got the one job --
At Mickey-Dee's.

Hey there, Barbie Doll,
Driving a Corvette with so much class,
Never buying any gas --
Are you a Flintstone, or what?

So much designer clothing, your closet's eaten the garage.
Given your known income, I think you dodge --
The I.R.S.

Hey there, Barbie Doll,
Hotter than Madonna, how can you
Live like this? Well, here's a clue:
Check out PlayToy Magazine,
Page Two-Nineteen --
A nude Barbie Doll!