iTom: Free Music From Tom Smith

Music in every style -- except dull. Tom Smith, the World's Fastest Filker and the prototypical geek folk-rocker, releases new music for free download on a regular basis. (It was a song a week for almost a year.) You can subscribe to the RSS feed, purchase a better-quality MP3 of the song, or purchase three months' worth as a downloadable album.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New FuMP Song: "Out Of Snark"

That most terrifying moment in the career of a comedian: when everything the media, the advertisers, the cliche-writers tell you... makes perfect sense. On that fateful day, you, yes, you, may discover that you're "Out Of Snark".

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Album, New(ish) Web Site

New downloadable album today! More Than FuMP: Songs of The FuMP, Vol. 2 contains all the stuff I did for The Funny Music Project over the past sixteen months, as well as a few other things I did at odd moments. Fifteen tracks, 192 Kbps, only $8.99.

And, I finally got a really substantial overhaul to Tom Smith Online. Not everything's in place, but all the places are there... and I completely redid the Lyrics section, and added all the albums that weren't there yet, and there are also separate pages for each album. Give it a look -- I think you'll like it. :)