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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

O Yog Sothoth

So sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've recovered quite nicely from my very busy fall, thank you, and I'm working on a bunch of stuff (including Herbert West, no, really). Meantime, Zombie Astronaut of the podcast Frequency of Fear asked if he could use "O Yog Sothoth", to which I said sure. Thing was, earlier Monday I'd been thinking I should really re-record that, smooth it up a bit, boost the harmonies and generally make it a lot better than I knew how to when I first recorded it a few years ago. And I couldn't get to sleep, and so here it is.

Download this song (192 Kbps)

O Yog Sothoth

O Yog Sothoth, O Yog Sothoth,
We worship you, O Yog Sothoth.
Who's Santa Claus, who's Jesus Christ?
We worship Yog 'cause he's not nice.

We'll celebrate with some stray dog,
Which we'll carve up and serve to Yog.
O Yog Sothoth, O Yog Sothoth...
We beg you, do not eat us.