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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

032: The Mechanicsburg Tourism Song

Another Girl Genius song! In the current adventure, Agatha Heterodyne has just reached Mechanicsburg. As creator Phil Foglio describes it:
These days Mechanicsburg is a major tourist trap. It's a destination because of the Great Hospital, which handles unusual ailments, and it is, of course, the home of the Heterodyne Boys. As the latter, it's almost a pilgrimage thing to some people, who desperately hope that someday the Heterodynes will return.... [T]he song would be the kind of thing that adorable children would sing on street corners for the tourists, welcoming them to town and inveigling them to buy the local cheese and souvenirs.
But you want to know the best part for me about this song?

This ain't all of it.

Heh heh heh.
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The Mechanicsburg Tourism Song
Words and Music © 2007 by Tom Smith
Released under a Creative Commons Noncommercial ShareAlike License
Girl Genius is a registered trademark of Studio Foglio, LLC. Agatha Heterodyne, Transylvania Polygnostic and all Girl Genius art, characters, design elements and logos ™ & © 2000-2006 Studio Foglio, LLC., All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Mechanicsburg, Mechanicsburg,
Welcome to Mechanicsburg!
There's no finer city from
St. Petersburg to Rome.

Mechanicsburg, Mechanicsburg,
The loveliest we've ever heard of,
Jewel of Europa and
The place where we call home.

How mighty are her mighty walls,
How shiny are her clanks,
How beautiful her dairy farms,
And for her cheese we all give thanks.

How glorious her Hospital
Which helps folk far and near,
Bill and Barry Heterodyne
Built it for us here.

Mechanicsburg, Mechanicsburg,
Welcome to Mechanicsburg,
We thank you so for visiting,
With every erg and ohm.

Mechanicsburg, Mechanicsburg,
The greatest burg we've ever heard of,
Jewel of Europa and
The place where we call home.


At 1:25 AM, Anonymous vettecat said...

So when do we get the rest?...

At 1:29 AM, Blogger filkertom said...

Sorry, can't tell you. Spoiler. ;)

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Yoyogod said...

You know, as soon as I saw today's Girl Genius, I said, "I wonder if Tom has an MP3 version of this." GReat song. I bet you'll get quite a few extra people stopping by after this.

At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


When you said there's more, I started thinking of "Blazing Saddles", where every so often the towns people would do a verse or three about the town and what was going on, between plot points...

I think we're going to get more of this song every so often...

At 4:26 PM, Blogger TempleDog said...

Y'all know that there's an an actual Mechanicsburg in PA, right? Y'all knew that? Cuz I sure d'int.


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