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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Song: "Tea Hee"

The Ides of Taxes are upon you! Hope your week is going fine, gang. Just a quick note, as a new song hit today. Couldn't have hit last week when I could've maybe gone viral, no no no no no, that would be too easy. :) Sill, I hope you like it -- just a quick silly about the protests over the terrible fascist slight increase on rich peoples' taxes. It's called "Tea Hee" and it's a free download.
Tea Hee
Words and Music © 2009 by Tom Smith
Released under a Creative Commons Noncommercial ShareAlike License

I'm going to a great big teabag party,
Protesting our lame economy,
I can use my voice and save the country,
And all I've gotta do is... throw away some tea.

I'm part of a modern revolution,
Like Jefferson, Paine, and Franklin, don't you see,
Except the only thing at risk of hanging
Is a filter paper baggie full of tea.

The liberals say eight years of Bush has screwed us all to heck,
But I believe in Rush and Sean, O'Reilly and Glenn Beck,
They care about the working man, that's why their pay's so low,
Now let me get my Lipton on, it's time to start the show!

Get thee behind me, Earl Grey and Oolong,
No Japanese green or chamomile for me,
I'll represent by tossing Lapsang souchong,
Maybe get a mohawk and call myself Mister Tea.

We'll show that dang Obama what America's about,
We'll demonstrate that one man's voice can be a mighty shout,
He can't just go increase the size of the federal government
By raising taxes on the highest-income one percent!

The darkest form of socialist oppression,
Since I'll be rich someday, it would hurt me,
And so instead of work or payin' taxes,
I'm on Fox News and tossin' out some tea.

I'm going to a great big teabag party,
Tea balls are good too, it don't matter to me,
What's important is the thrust of my message,
Those Washington types are gonna rue it,
Rush and Sean and Glen say screw it,
So I'm gonna brew it and then throw out some tea!


At 7:33 PM, Blogger Aaron Turpen said...

That's awesome! I've spread it around to all my tea baggers. lol Twitter'd, Dugg, all that good stuff.

At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Gummo said...

Delightful as always, Tom!


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